How it works?

Survey Kiosk for Real Time Customer Feedback

Working with more than one shift

A separate report for each shift and a comprehensive analysis

Kiosk Lock Mode

Kiosk Mode prevents anyone from closing the Survey. Leave it unattended and turned on 24/7 without concern.

Customized Branding

your Logo at kiosk, Customized Text, Choose Colors and Custom Questions.

Custom Welcome Screen

Create a Customized Welcome Screen with your logo and text.


Our core features

The essential customer survey tool

Quick, easy, accurate feedback on customer experience

  • Easy to use feedback capturing views and opinions of all demographics.
  • Multi-language enabling you to capture all nationalities.
  • Large fonts and flexible survey design making it accessible for all ages and abilities.

More Tool

Quick, easy, accurate feedback on customer experience

  • Advanced Functionality for a resource that can be fixed or portable – secure and robust.
  • Highly Secure with lock-down software and encryped data – Europe hosted.
  • Total Solutions. We can provide a total solution designed for you or you can utilise existing hardware and in-house resources.
  • Full Support – reporting, further analysis and training options are all available..

Expect more feedback.

he ExpressPod is perfectly designed for one job: collecting as much feedback as possible from the people that matter, wherever they are. With a clear and friendly appearance, it is instantaneous to use. Place an ExpressPod at every key touchpoint and you can expect a huge increase in feedback as 30% or more of passers-by can't help but express their thoughts with the universal smiley buttons. .

“We has become an essential business tool for everyone in the team. Everything we do is geared towards improving service – and service evaluation really helps us take the customer service bar to new levels.
“use the kiosks at a variety of venues .”


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